12 ideas for good health


Get enough sleep every night for a day, a week, a month, a year, your whole life, and wake up at a decent time.  You’ll feel better.  It’s so obvious that folks sometimes forget about sleeping enough.  It’s easy to convince yourself to run a sleep deficit but it’s almost always better to get enough sleep every night.  Figure out a way to live so you get what your body needs!  Sleep!  I like to sleep with some fresh air for mental clarity as well.

Fruits and vegetables

Eat more fruits and vegetables.  Preferably organic.  If you don’t want to spend extra on organic for everything, here’s a list of what fruits and vegetables are most susceptible to chemicals.  Sure it’s good to cut down on fried food, candy, alcohol, and cigarettes.  But if you spend time focusing (and eating) positively, you’ll propel yourself in that direction.  Start by eating veggies and fruits 3-5 times a day!  A good fruit smoothie kicks any candy bar’s butt!

Being outside

The air is better.  The view is better.  The wind and sun and animals engage the senses much more than you will find within walls.  And though there are beautiful buildings, the grand canyon, the redwood forests and the tropical beaches were designed by forces greater than man.  If you want some scientific explanation, check this out: http://www.ecotherapyheals.com/whatisecotherapy.html


Yoga helps the body become more flexible.  It also strengthens the muscles and tendons.  And also relaxes and improves the nervous system.  Yoga helps brings peace and positive feelings into one’s life.  Here’s some links:

Yoga Today provides many free guided yoga videos.  Titles help you to pick what would be best for you. http://yogatoday.com/

Kundalini yoga is amazing and continues to be a wonderful experience.  Go to this link for a daily routine that takes about 10-20 minutes to complete.  It will improve your general well-being and I found it a great set to do in the morning.  http://www.kundaliniyoga.org/spinal.html

Working out

Everyone believes exercise brings good health.  I agree.  But I love a lot of activities and do them for their own sake.  I love soccer, biking, swimming, surfing, etc…  When I want a really good workout because I am feeling like I haven’t done any physical activity in awhile, I would recommend the following exercises.  Make sure you stretch out first!  I enjoy doing the Spartacus workout because it is a full body workout.  Here’s a link:  http://www.military.com/military-fitness-slideshows/spartacus-workout.html


Paraliminals cost money but help one to focus on positive energy.  They can help you relax.  I would recommend a paraliminal CD to anyone who wants more time for relaxation and positive energy building and may be struggling to do so on their own.

They have a free paraliminal that I use before soccer games on the metro.  http://www.learningstrategies.com/PeakPerformance/Pavlina?aff=SP409

Water and oil

The human body wants lots of water.  For hydration and cleaning.  Oils, like olive oil are good for eating.  And most folk’s skin needs some sort of plant-based oil.  Sunflower, jojoba, olive, cocoa nut and kukui nut oils are a few of the oils listed as ingredients in body oils and lotions.  Skin is one of the body’s first lines of defense. For all the guys out there who think lotion is for wimps, think of it as strengthening the outer wall of the castle.  Instead of using extra energy to repair skin cells, your body can focus its energy on other activities.  And if you want to save money, just use a little olive oil.

You can put lemon, lime, cucumber in your water.  Look at all the fancy water in the store – there plenty of things to do with water and little bit of extra love!  Besides drinking straight water, one can drink tea.  Yerba Mate, green tea, teas with cloves and cinnamon and ginger are some teas that I drink.  You can drink them cold so you don’t have to wait for the water to boil.  If you find yourself somewhere that has poor quality water, making tea provides a good excuse to boil away potentially harmful critters, too.

Positive vibe

Cultivating positive thoughts, attitudes and actions allows more positive experiences to occur in yourself and those around you.  Some simple ideas include taking 5 deep breathes, thinking about 5 good things in your life, sending out good wishes to someone, and daydreaming about a waterfall or the beach.

Listening to your body

Many times I find myself in the situation where my body wants me to do one thing, like eat or sleep or sit or get some fresh air.  But my mind thinks I should be doing something else like going out or doing some perceived obligation.  When I listen to my body, I usually find everything sorts itself out.  The obligation turns out to be unimportant or ends up being canceled anyways.  And my body thanks me by feeling stronger.

Sometimes other people have difficultly understanding why I would make a particular decision.  It usually is a symptom that they are out of touch with their own body.   Of course, I believe you should honor your word.  One’s word is an important part of any dependable, trusting relationship.  But instead of committing to something that you are unsure of, just say you will see and may know at a later date.  If you don’t commit to doing something, then you can see how you feel when the time arises.  This allows for more flexibility in your life.


Relaxing is like listening to your body in advance. You know you want to take it easy once in awhile.  The title says it all.  Take a siesta. Take an hour every day, a few minutes every hour, a day every week, a month every year! Relax on that couch, that hammock, that bbq with your friends.

Daily routine

Having a daily routine  helps you to nurture your long-term health.  Think of everything you can do every day: cleaning your teeth, stretching, working out , eating breakfast, etcetera.


I believe everyone wants to create.  It can be a wood, a dinner, a trip, a sound system, a photo, a dance.  It can be artistic or practical or whimisical or whatever it ends up being.  Creating is a large part of the human experience.  Look around you and see how much humans have created over hundreds of years.  Exercise your birthright in a positive manner!

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