Ideas for developing self-belief and overcoming self-doubt in music (video)

Some ideas that may help you to overcome self doubt in music. Three main ideas: Focus on the moment and playing the music in that moment Practice “positive mantras”, like “Send out good vibes with the music”. Or visualizations like “this music sounds like a waterfall” Cultivate good daily habits like practicing 30 minutes after […]

Great Little Tool – Foot Rubz

Hi everyone, Here’s a little product that I recommend to almost everyone. It’s a foot massager.  This means if you use it for a minute, you’ll probably feel more relaxed and calm.  You can use it if you’re traveling on a bus or plane and once you get to your destination.  It’s so small it’ll […]

Habit stacking and Music

What’s Habit Stacking? Habit Stacking is: Where you do two or more habits in a row.  You start with one habit (i.e. brushing) and then you add other habits that you do right after the first habit (i.e. brushing, then flossing, then mouthwash) Where you do two or more habits at the same time. You […]

Picture I drew to celebrate starting the 67 Steps online course

67 Steps by Tai Lopez, Days 1-3

So I’m just starting to check out the 67 steps by Tai Lopez and friends.  I am going to try to keep a log of the process as I go. Please be aware that while I will attempt to give truthful and helpful reviews/writings of my personal experiences with 67 Steps, I am signed up for […]

Health, Wealth and Love in Music

You love playing music. And you want to focus on the art of playing music. I understand your focus.  I love music a lot! Please consider developing important life skills in other areas of your life as well.  Developing an overall good life will, in the long-run, help your musicality (or whatever else you consider important).  I […]

Interested in trading for guitar lessons?

Hey everyone!  If you’d like to trade and/or barter, please contact me on Simbi! Here’s some services that I would love to barter in exchange for lessons: Help cleaning and organizing the studio space Help with online promotion Lessons in other instruments or other skills such as: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Arabic, Zulu, Hebrew, Mandarin, […]

Positive Self-Talk in Life and Music

I am only sharing these ideas with everyone as a possible perspective for people to consider.  I am not a licensed medical professional, nor am a licensed mental health professional.  If you want authoritative information or feel you need help, please seek the proper, professional medical and/or mental health care. Thanks and best wishes!   Check out this […]

The 3rd way and abundance

Intro Mental boxes have affected people throughout history.  Conscious and unconscious forces created these mental boxes. Let me suggest you consider two powerful and important ways to un-box your thinking.  They can be described as seeing the 3rd way and abundance thinking. Thinking outside the box Both the 3rd way and the abundance mentality will […]

Best wishes for 2016!

Hey everyone! Just writing to wish everyone a wonderful 2016. I hope to play some beautiful music and send out some good vibes.  I also hope to be in good health throughout the year and improve upon my health to be in great shape.