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Musical Dreamings

Ever dreamed of:

  • Playing along with your favorite songs?
  • Jamming with friends?
  • Writing your own songs?
  • Honing your musical skills?
  • Learning new styles of music?
  • Creating improvised solos?
  • Playing your guitar out in the forest or the beach?

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Ways to Learn Music

How I can help:

  • Private and group lessons/coaching in Mount Pleasant, Washington, DC.
  • Online video/email correspondence lessons
  • Skype-style lessons
  • Guitar Kitchen
  • I always recommend (to myself as well) to play along with music you love, whenever you get the chance.  It may not “work” at first, so be prepared to be patient.  But eventually it’s great!

Studio in DC

My Basic Musical Philosophy

  • Musicality over technicality
  • Good technique + stay relaxed
  • Play with people and records
  • Make your own music
  • Good vibes


I love music.  I usually play in a variety of styles.  I can help you with the following styles:

  • Beginning guitar (chords, scales, songs, positioning, knowledge)
  • Jazz (beginner, intermediate, advanced, beginning professional)
  • Classical (beginner, intermediate)
  • Different Latin-based styles such as salsa, samba, bossa nova, boleros, rumba flamenco (beginner, intermediate)
  • RnB (beginner, intermediate)
  • Funk (beginner, intermediate)
  • Reggae (beginner, intermediate)
  • Folk (beginner, intermediate)
  • Rock (beginner, intermediate)
  • Pop (beginner, intermediate)
  • Blues (beginner)

Please listen to some of my recorded demos at (though I’ve cut my hair since that picture haha).

Please feel free to contact me to learn more.

DC Guitar lessons


In terms of pricing, there’s an option for every budget.

Please sign up for the email list to receive a free 15 minute Skype lesson or 5-10 minute coaching video! (It’s on the right side of the page)

Please keep in mind, we can barter lessons or partial lessons for a variety of things.

Here are the current prices:

  • Private lessons in DC – $35/half hour, $60/hour, $65/hour & 15 minutes
  • Group lessons in DC – $30/hour&15 minutes (minimum 2 students)
  • Online video/email correspondence lessons – $10 for a 10 minute video, $7 for a 5 minute video
  • Skype-style lessons – $30/half hour, $50/hour
  • Via my website and youtube channel – free! (If you have lesson requests, please contact me. I would love write an online lesson/video to help you and others)
  • Please keep in mind that some lessons have discounts when purchased in larger quantities, i.e. monthly.

Best Wishes!

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