Beginner’s Course

I wrote the beginner’s course to be a 3-6 month set of lessons for someone who just started to play guitar. First, it shows you how to hold the guitar, tune the guitar.  Then, it goes through and shows how to play simple chords and melodies.  It does not teach you how to play famous songs, mostly because of copyright concerns.  Most of the chords in the very beginning are simpler to play than chords you would find in a pop tune, anyways.

Also, I believe it’s better to start playing by ear. You can learn to read after studying music for 6 months, if you’d like.  And I believe people can learn the pentatonic scale within a week of picking up the guitar. Once you realize you can almost immediately solo after picking up the guitar, the musical possibilities unfold!  Creating melodies has more of a conceptual learning curve than learning chords, so it’s more a question of exercising your musical imagination than trying to get your fingers to play a barre chord!

Rhythm – the foundation of music. Even if you are still learning your first note, you can still play in time.  Just tap the guitar in time to the music. See you already are playing guitar!  Seriously, playing even the simplest musical part, even tapping the guitar contributes enormously to making great music.

And please keep the following ideas in mind:

  • Keep your hands relaxed
  • Keep your guitar in tune
  • Play in time, with the rhythm
  • Musicality always beats technicality
  • Practice too slow instead of too fast
  • Play along to records whenever you can
  • Play with other people whenever you can

Best wishes!

Beginner’s Course

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