Get up stand up by Bob Marley

I haven’t really figured out copyright law, so I guess I can’t throw out any tab or note-for-stuff. I hope this helps. In some ways figuring out the song from a basic framework may allow you to improve your ear and in the end gain a better feel for the intentions of the artist.


The song, at least to me, sounds like it’s being played in C minor pentatonic. The intro before Bob starts singing is two notes. Bb and C. You can play them on the third string, 3rd and 5th frets or on the fourth string, 8th and 10th frets. Just play along with the recording to get the feel! Transcribe!

Here’s the movie:

Chord for the song

C minor. There are a lot of things going on in the song. There’s the guitar playing on the and of the beat. This lesson is just for learning that mostly. Check out the feel of the guitar and what it is playing. Sometimes it plays on the and of the beat and sometimes it plays on the and a of the beat. Also, the guitar it playing the treble notes of the chord. And don’t let the notes ring! You want the time to be really clear because it makes the beat deeper.

Especially if you listen with headphones, you’ll hear the guitarist playing melodic fragments. And a keys player with some mellow chords. And maybe a guitar doubling the bass?

Anyways, grab that chord and play along with the track. Have fun!

Hope this helps!

There’s plenty of places to get tab and stuff. But give your ear a chance! And if you do get tab, still slow down the song so you can get real locked in with what they are really doing!

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