Four main types of chords

Well, there are tons of different sounding chords, but the 4 main types are major, minor, augmented and diminished. Major is happy, minor is sad, augmented is dreamy and confused, and diminished is scary. Notice how close the chords are all related.

The basis of chords are the root, the third and the fifth. Sometimes this is called the triad. If you play the chords on the piano you can clearly see the relationship between the three notes.

Major, minor chords, augmented and diminished on the 5th string

Major, minor chords, augmented and diminished on the 6th string

Adding the seventh

Again notice how all the different chords are related. Also notice how a slight change make a completely different sound.

The ‘seventh’ can be added to any chord. It’s an extension of the existing chord.

The sixth string chords

The fifth string chords

Adding the ninth

This is for the next chord lesson.

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