Rhythm and Syncopation

Hal talks about a lot of stuff. Anything in 4 is really in 12/8. And you gotta know how to second line. Like the guys in Treme. My favorite 2nd line album is Second Line by New Birth Brass Band. Check out my page about playing 2nd line on guitar.

Check out this video! It’s lots of good stuff. Hal played with Cannonball for awhile. I think after Joe Zawinul left to start Weather Report.

I think everyone who wants to play jazz should learn to play jazz drums. Once you know how to play the ride cymbal with the hihat and the snare fills, you’ll feel a lot of what’s going on a lot easier. Basically the ride cymbal provides the basic swing feel and the forward motion with the ring ting-a-ting. The hihat is on the 2 and 4, so it’s got that back beat. And the snare is the comping and gives you the feel of the different places you can put the beat.


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