Video coaching

Hey everyone,

I want to help you with your music and your playing guitar by way of personal coaching.  I have over 30 years of experience of playing guitar, teaching, playing, and would to share with other some of the techniques that I have learned.

How the video coaching works

  1. Receive a free coaching session when you sign up for the Guitar Kitchen email list (located on the right side of the page)
  2. We would get in contact (link to contact form).
  3. You would record a video of you playing music
  4. You can also ask questions, etc.
  5. Please make video under 10 minutes, you can probably get most ideas in with a video under 5 minutes
  6. You would then post the video (probably via YouTube) and send me the link. You can make videos private, so only certain people can see them
  7. I would check out the video
  8. I would record a video in response, with positive feedback, as well as some suggestions you may want to try

Benefits of Video Coaching

  • Allows the musician to hear their own playing
  • Helps the musician polish up the performance
  • The teacher can create a response video/email/webpage that specific ideas that the student can review multiple times
  • Potentially more economical than in-person or “Skype” lessons
  • Everyone learns in a variety of ways and video coaching may be a complementary approach

Other Considerations

There are other ways of learning.  Traditional lessons with a great teacher are ideal in many ways. But video coaching may be a way for many to learn and develop certain musical ideals on guitar.


  • 1st coaching session free (and no further obligation necessary)
  • 5 or less minute videos and response video would be $7 via PayPal
  • 10 minute or less videos and response video would be $10 via PayPal

I’m just starting this, so I may be tweaking the prices in the upcoming weeks, as well as adding other packages.

Thanks! Hope this helps!