Playing classical music on steel string guitar

So I’m finishing up mixing and ‘mastering’ an album that I’ve been working on.  Mastering proves to be a very challenging endeavor.  And mastering live sound in a very live room adds two more degrees of toughness!  My ears really opened up by the end of several sleepless nights!

Hopefully we will record the entire 4 Seasons in the fall.  I play the 2nd violin part.  The guitar really fills in the space between the bass and the violin.  Sometimes I add some smaller chord voicings to suggest a string section and built energy.

Here’s a song that we did this summer.  Vivaldi’s Adagio from Winter.  Hope you enjoy!

Playing violin parts on the steel string guitar works pretty well.  You need to make sure your guitar has good intonation. I like the solo violin stuff for Bach.  I’ll write more later…

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