Playing tumbao and a montuno, salsa guitar lesson

Here’s a pretty rough demo of playing a salsa tumbao and a montuno at the same time.  It’s pretty fun play once you get the hang of it.  I will be writing a lesson about this soon.  Here’s the demo.  I have some issues to work out but you get the general idea.  The chords are A minor, D minor, E major and D minor.

Here’s a diagram of the montuno rhythm in green showing the clave in red for the chord changes

Heres a diagram that shows the clave in the red tao sign and tumbao in orange.

Basically part of the tumbao on the 2+ will play a D, on the first 4, it will anticipate the E major chord by playing an E and the second 4 it will anticipate the A minor chord by playing an A.

Here’s all three parts together, the montuno in green, the clave in red and the tumbao in see-through orange!




Check out the written version here. You can play along here with the midi file.

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