Protect your ears with earplugs!

Hey everyone! Please consider getting earplugs for louder shows and musical events, if you haven’t already. I recommend the following earplugs because I have used them and they helped. I advise getting earplugs with a case that attaches to your keychain so that you will always have them nearby! I will probably continue to look for even better plugs but am content with these plugs for the time being.

I have found two different earplugs that seem to fit my ears well and cost less than $25. I have yet to try the custom earplugs. I will possibly get these in the near future.

I have been using the DownBeats for awhile. They fit my ears well and filter out a lot of cymbal wash and non-musical sound created by the speakers. I can still hear all the parts and it reduces any ringing after the show.

I recently found another set of earplugs. They are called Ear Peace. So far, I like them more than the DownBeats, though I have only had them for 2 weeks. The Ear Peace ear plugs are more comfortable. They are also easier to insert and remove. They have a little piece attached that makes them easy to remove. They have 2 different settings. They are pretty much skin colored, so it’s not obvious that they are being worn. Also, they come with a case that attached to a key ring.

I recommend both Ear Peace HD and Downbeats, though as of April 2015, I prefer the Ear Peace HDs. Here’s a link to Amazon.

Please note I am an Amazon affliate, so I would get some money if you purchased ear plugs using the following link. The are called DownBeats Reusable High Fidelity Hearing Protection: Ear Plugs for Concerts, Music, and Musicians (Black)
and as of 2015, cost about $15.

Here’s another video that expands upon options for protecting your ears. Some are definitely better than others. Obviously the best way to reduce damage from loud noise is to not be near loud noise. The 2nd option would be to get good quality plugs. Consider going to an ear specialist who will make custom earplugs. The other options aren’t necessarily backed by scientific evidence, so use at your own risk!

  1. Use earplugs
  2. Use a npakin
  3. Use your fingers
  4. Use earbuds from your phone
  5. Use headphones

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