Ideas for developing self-belief and overcoming self-doubt in music (video)

Some ideas that may help you to overcome self doubt in music.

Three main ideas

  1. Focus on the moment and playing the music in that moment
  2. Practice “positive mantras”, like “Send out good vibes with the music”. Or visualizations like “this music sounds like a waterfall”
  3. Cultivate good daily habits like practicing 30 minutes after lunch, or deep breathing 5x a day

Ideas mentioned in the video

Rainy Day Song

Hey everyone hope you enjoy this song. I’m working on my musicality and production skills. I also used LANDR to master the MP3.

2 guitar rumba

Here’s a cool rumba jam from a few years that folks might enjoy listening to.  Cristian sounds great (

Evening Rumba

Just something I can up with after a show on a Friday night. Still working on recording, playing, composing, mixing, photos and video!

Thanks to Moyan Brenn for the images!

Summer Rumba

Still working on my playing, recording and video stuff.  Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Moyan Brenn for the images!