Rainy Day Song

Hey everyone hope you enjoy this song. I’m working on my musicality and production skills. I also used LANDR to master the MP3.

2 guitar rumba

Here’s a cool rumba jam from a few years that folks might enjoy listening to.  Cristian sounds great (

Evening Rumba

Just something I can up with after a show on a Friday night. Still working on recording, playing, composing, mixing, photos and video!

Thanks to Moyan Brenn for the images!

Summer Rumba

Still working on my playing, recording and video stuff.  Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Moyan Brenn for the images!

New Lesson – How to play Softly as a Morning Sunrise

Please check out the lesson here  It’s a sort of old school Django-style way of playing the song.


Live Recording – Viola, Guitar and Percussion – Romski Cocek

Great Little Tool – Foot Rubz

Hi everyone,

Here’s a little product that I recommend to almost everyone. It’s a foot massager.  This means if you use it for a minute, you’ll probably feel more relaxed and calm.  You can use it if you’re traveling on a bus or plane and once you get to your destination.  It’s so small it’ll almost fit anywhere.

I’ve twisted my ankle multiple times and sometimes the muscles in the bottom of my foot will tense up.  Foot Rubz usually will break up the tension.

Please note that I haven’t tried other foot massage balls.  But that’s partly because I haven’t needed to search farther after I started using Foot Rubz.

Here’s a review from Amazon that sum up why you may want one:

My husband works on his feet, sometimes 12-14 hour days. His feet always hurt, and he said sometimes it feels like plantar fasciitis. He was using our daughters wooden tomato (play food for her kitchen) for his foot, and I was pretty unhappy about it. We have a foam roller, which has been one of our best purchases (seriously, for back, hip, legs, whatever…they’re amazing!) so I was hoping Amazon would have something similar for feet.

I found this little ball and saw all of the amazing reviews. I read through, and honestly, I was skeptical. I didn’t see how this could help, but I figured it was cheap ($5-6 at time of ordering) so why not give it a try.

My husband used it the second it got here. He said only 5 minutes made a huge difference. He loves it! He also has hand pain (he’s had surgery on one for guyon canal release and carpal tunnel and is awaiting the same surgery on the other) and this helps relieve it.

I suffer from hand pain as well, arthritis of the thumb joint and what sometimes feels like carpal tunnel pain. This little ball does wonders for relieving my pain as well. It doesn’t last long term, but it’s a welcome instant pain reducer.

I also have muscle pain in my shoulder blade areas and in my lower back. Since my husband has hand pain, he’s not able to rub my back often. With this, he can use it to rub my back, and it massages his hand at the same time. Two birds, one stone!

I’ve used this ball on my hips, outer thighs, calves, shoulders…basically anywhere you can think of. We’re going to get at least one more, probably 2.

Such a great value for the money.

I recommend Foot Rubz to anyone who mentions they have foot problems.  Of course, I mention that I am not a doctor and they should check with their doctor first.  But, it’s something a person could use on daily basis.  I am using one right now while I write this article, though sometimes I use 2 at once.

Please consider buying one from Amazon. They’re about 5-6 bucks and probably are well worth the investment.

Thanks, Duff